“The Perfect Read”

Starza Thompson from Windy City Reviews has reviewed all four books in the Street Stories series, so her opinion means a lot to me. Which means it is especially wonderful to hear the nice things she had to say about Cry Baby Cry. Here are my favorite parts:

“Perhaps one of her best stories yet, Cry Baby Cry addresses some hard-to-discuss issues surrounding religion, LGBT youth, prostitution, and homelessness, all within the context of a mystery that series main character Jo Sullivan is trying to solve. The book gives the reader a taste of what it’s like to be homeless, with a baby, and with serious and life-threatening danger constantly threatening you and the lives of the people you care about.”


“With that said, I do appreciate Borys’ ability to write about LGBT characters and make them a focus of her book in a respectful and interesting manner. Her ability to create characters that are LGBT without having that be their only characteristic is refreshing.”

All in all, Cry Baby Cryis a plot-driven suspense novel that tackles tough issues, kidnapping, and possible murder in a way that keeps the reader engaged and interested. If you’re looking for a suspenseful thriller that will keep you entertained, Cry Baby Cry is the perfect read.

To read the whole review, including her encouragement for me to give a little more depth to my characters, please visit Windy City Reviews.

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